Letter of Protest
Mr. Iwao Hayakawa
S Pulse Co. Ltd.

June 7, 2007

Kazuo Itoh, Attorney at Law (Tokyo),
Keiichi Hiraiwa, Attorney at Law (Yokohama)
Rikuo Hiroya, Attorney at Law (Sapporo)
National Network of Lawyers against the Spiritual Sales

(Contact)Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Attorney at Law
Executive Director
National Network of Lawyers against the Spiritual Sales
c/o Tokyo]kyodo Law Office
Sawasda Bldg. 5F, 1-15-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3341-3133@FAX: 03-3355-0445

(Contact)Hiroshi Watanabe, Attorney at Law
National Network of Lawyers against the Spiritual Sales
c/o Tamuracho Sougou Law Office
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3-2-1 Nishi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Dear Mr. Iwao Hayakawa,

We, members of National Network of Lawyers against the Spiritual Sales are quite surprised at the news that your soccer club Shimizu S Pulse registered to J. League is participating in gPeace Cup Korea 2007h that is hosted actually by Sun Myuon Moon, the founder of The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (hereinafter referred to as gthe Unification Churchh). We hereby protest against the clubfs participation to the event and request for cancellation.
We call on your response to this letter of protest in writing. Your response will be announced to the public at the press conference scheduled to be held at the Bar Associations Hall from 3:15 in the afternoon on June 14, 2007.

I. National Network of Lawyers against the Spiritual Sales is a network of approximately 300 Japanese attorneys at law from across the country established in May, 1987 with the common goals of relieving victims of and eliminating gspiritual salesh by the Unification Church.
So called gspiritual salesh is to make people pay, by deception and intimidation, unreasonably large sums of money for such items like personal seals, rosaries, stone slabs, marble vases, ornamental pagodas, ornamental stupas, and ginseng extract for the fallacious purpose of freeing oneself from damned karma of the ancestors. The total financial damage of 27,787 cases of gspiritual salesh consulted to our network alone totaled to over 963 billion yen in approximately 20 years until December, 2006. Please refer to Exhibit #1, our annual report for 2006, for detailed statistics.
It has already become a fact of common public awareness in Japan that the Unification Churchfs gspiritual salesh is a nation-wide organized act by its followers. The true picture of the followers of the Unification Church i.e. driven to work hard with little sleep to meet their assigned sales and contribution quotas has already been acknowledged in many court cases where testimonies by ex-members and elucidations by attorneys at law were heard. There are many court precedents that acknowledge liabilities of the Unification Church for its illegal act of gspiritual sales.h Please refer to Exhibit #2 herein (abstracts of judgment acknowledging liability of the Unification Church). Actual judgment documents are available for your reference upon your request.
Although we have accumulated many court precedents which acknowledge the Unification Churchfs gspiritual salesh as illegal act, much the same modus operandi has still been practiced by the Unification Church today. Among the large number of victims of their illegal practice, we even have counted quite a number of suicides. The way that the Unification Church deprives large sums of money from people has not changed very much over the past 20 years. Recruiters of the Unification Church approach to wealthy solitary old people, elder couples, women who have lost heir husbands, unmarried women, and housewives with false identity, invites them to the Unification Churchfs video center for learning about onefs life, and deceive and intimidate the victims on the ground of cursed karma of the ancestors. In this way, they make the recruited victims to withdraw deposits, sell their own houses/real estates, and/or take credit form consumer finance firms to pay unreasonably large sums of money to the church as donation or as the nominal price for some goods e.g. personal seals, rosaries, marble vases, Kimono robes, jewelries, and paintings.
Majority of the enormous amount of yen collected through such modus operandi in Japan has been sent to Sun Myung Moon. With this ample fund, Sun Myung Moon has been purchasing vast expanses of land in Korea, the United States, South America, and other areas in the world, has been establishing a series of his group companies around the world, and has been providing funds to politicians in Korea, the United States, Japan and in other countries.

II. Sun Myung Moon established gSun Moon Peace Cuph in June 12, 2002. On the Unification Churchfs monthly magazine gFAMILYh (August, 2002), Sum Myung Moon said gtherefore, I founded eSun Moon Peace Cupf wishing for creating world peace,h gfSun Moon Peace Cupf will serve as a festive venue to consolidate efforts of all people from religion, science, politics, economy, female, youth, sports, and all other arenas of the society, to wish for all human beings to live as one large family, and to materialize the Godfs ideal of the original world of creationh (Exhibit #3-1).
Then, in July 15, 2003, Sun Myung Moon held gPeace Cup Korea 2003h in Seoul, Korea where he declared the opening of the game. According to the article reporting Moonfs opening declaration on gFAMILYh (August, 2003), Moon said that gI have also built global bases in the fields of art and education. gSun Moon Peace King Cup (Peace Cup Korea),h the succor tournament of well-known club teams from around the world to be started on 15th of this month also is a part of a series of activities to realize the global culture of hearth (Exhibit #3-2). Incidentally, on gFAMILYh (September, 2003) (Exhibit #3-3), Moon braggarts that he will become the host of Olympic Games and World Cup by saying gfrom now on, Olympic Games and FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) will be operated under my control.h
Sun Myung Moon held the gPeace Cup Korea 2003h as a part of gWorld Culture and Sports Festival,h while gThe 4th International Mass Wedding of 400-million Couplesh was also held within the same framework of the festival. Japanese Supreme Court has acknowledged the claim of a Japanese woman for non-existence of her voluntary will for marriage i.e. the court has ruled invalidity of marriage of the Japanese couple through the mass wedding of the Unification Church. It was also ruled by the Supreme Court that the act of making the woman participate in the mass wedding itself was invasion of marital freedom of the person and thus was an illegal act (refer to Exhibit #2).

III. Thus, Peace Cup Korea is funded with the money raised through the antisocial spiritual sales in Japan and held by Sun Myung Moon in combination with the mass wedding of the Unification Church for the purpose of enhancing his own authority and boosting the morale of his followers to exert themselves for spiritual sales. This goes against sportsmanship and compos mentis of people involved in the event.
The prize money for the champion team of gPeace Cup Korea 2003h was $ 2 million, a stratospheric amount comparable to that of World Cup. Participation fee paid to the processional teams also is said to have been as stratospheric. For gPeace Cup Korea 2007h also, the prize money and the participation fee paid to the teams are as large as in the past Peace Cup games, and majority of the fund for such payments originates from the money collected from Japanese victims through illegal gspiritual salesh by the Unification Church.
On the surface, just as was in 2003, gPeace Cup Korea 2007h is hosted by gSun Moon Soccer Foundationh chaired by Chung Hwan Kwak, gSun Myung Moon's right hand man" or the second fiddle after Sun Myung Moon in the Unification Church i.e. it is too obvious that the gPeace Cup Korea 2007h is actually hosted by Sun Myung Moon.
On Sun Myung Moonfs order, Chung Hwan Kwak is serving as the chairman of Washington Times run by Sun Myung Moon, the owner of K-Lague professional soccer team gSeongnam Ilhwah founded by Sun Myung Moon, the chairman of Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) founded by Sun Myung Moon, the world chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification founded also by Sun Myung Moon, and also serving as the president of the Korea Professional Football League (K-League). He also chaired the organizing committee of gWorld Culture and Sports Festival 2003,h and is expected to chair the organizing committee for gWorld Culture and Sports Festival 2007.h

IV. We recognize that your team, Shimizu S Pulse is a very popular soccer team, representing Shizuoka Prefecture, a dream of many children and adolescents, and an important team for many soccer fans. Also, under Shimizu S Pulse, there are a large number of junior and youth players who are striving for becoming professional soccer players.
Your decision to have Shimizu S Pulse participate in gPeace Cup Koreah is affronting to those victims coerced to participate in the mass wedding of the Unification Church, those victims of gspiritual sales,h as well as those family members of the victims. At the same time, your teamfs participation to the tournament will give Japanese followers of the Unification Church a charge to exert more of themselves for spiritual sale and recruitment to the mass wedding. Thus, your decision is an act of disloyalty to the fans and supporters who love the team.
As attorneys at law having been making efforts to relief victims of and to eliminate gspiritual salesh by the Unification Church, we hereby protest against your teamfs participation to gPeace Cup Korea 2007h and strongly appeal for immediate cancellation of participation.

This letter of protest will be transmitted to major shareholders of your company, sponsors to the team, and news mediums.


Exhibit #1
Annual Report of National Network of Lawyers against the Spiritual Sales for 2007

Exhibit #2
Abstracts of judgment acknowledging liability of the Unification Church

Exhibits #3-1
Excerpts from August, 2002 issue of gFAMILYh (monthly publication by the Unification Church)

Exhibits #3-2
Excerpts from August, 2003 issue of gFAMILYh (monthly publication by the Unification Church)

Exhibits #3-3
Excerpts from September, 2002 issue of gFAMILYh (monthly publication by the Unification Church)