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Judgement by the Fukuoka District Court on the Unification Church
[English Translation]

Court: Fukuoka District
Case Number: 1990 #1082
Date of Judgement:  27 May 1994
Plaintiffs: alias 'A', housewife,approximately 40 yrs.
alias 'B',housewife,approximately 50yrs.
Defendant:World Christian Unification Spiritual Association
(alias: Unification Church)

The Fukuoka District Court has ruled that the Unification Church is legally liable for the unlawful acts for the procurement of monetary donations perpetrated against the plaintiffs, and has awarded damages to plaintiffs 'A' and 'B' as follows. The District Court ordered the Unification Church to pay plaintiff 'A' the sum of 35,000,000 yen plus five percent (5%) of said sum in penalty fees to accumulate annually from 26 June 1988 until date of actual payment; and further to pay plaintiff 'B' the sum of 2,600,000 yen plus five percent (5%) of said sum in penalty fees accumulated annually from 27 July 1989 until date of actual payment.

The Court recognized that the Unification Church as a religious corporate body did perpetrate unlawful acts against plaintiffs 'A' and 'B'. In addition to corporate liability, the Court also holds the employees of the Unification Church liable for the actions of the church corporate body. The Court ruling has set a new, epoch-making legal precedent for future District Court decisions. At the time of this writing, the Unification Church has appealed the District Court decision to the Fukuoka High Court.


Throughout Japan, there are countless numbers of victims who have suffered damages because of the widespread illegal activities of the Unification Church members to collect monies from victims throughout the world. At present there are over 1000 persons in Japan who have sought legal counsel to obtain just compensation including litigation fees, for damages caused by the Unification Church members. The total claim for damages is in excess of 7,000,000,000 yen (7 billion yen).


Introduced below is the accurately translated version of the Fukuoka District Court Judgement inclusive of statements and facts which transpired during Court proceedings, and on which this Judgements has been based.
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